What is a Studienkolleg?

To study in a university in Germany (Bachelors) your school living certificate should be comparable with German studies. As explained in the section German Education there is a gap of one year in education between most of the countries and Germany. So a Studienkolleg fills the gap and prepares you for studies in Germany. After the completion of the course you have to undergo an entrance exam. (Feststellungsprüfung)

Courses offered

The university Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses:
M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical degrees
T-course: for mathematical, science or technical degrees
W-course:for business, economics and social science degrees
G-course: for humanity degrees or German studies
S-course: for language degrees

The university of applied sciences Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses:
TI-course: for technical and engineering degrees
WW-course: for economics and business degrees
GD-course:for design and art degree
SW-course: for social science degrees

IIT Qualified candidates

If you qualify IIT JEE (Preliminary & Mains) you don´t have to undergo Studienkolleg of one year. Instead you can join a university directly after German language studies!

Not Just the Language

Studienkolleg teaches not only the language, but also subjects related to your intended field of Study.After Studienkolleg you can join anywhere in Germany except NRW (needs separate exam) for university studies!


Some are public funded,however due to high number of applications, you need to qualify an entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung) There are numerous private institutes which offers Studienkollegs too. Also you should have enough funds for your stay in Germany.(8640 €/Year)

Studienkolleg Step by Step guidance

Initial Counselling

We will go through your documents and advice you regarding the whole process. An initial assessment is required to determine your eligibility, need of an entrance exam or need of Studienkolleg.


Selecting the suitable course and Institute

Depending on your budget,intended area of study in Bachelors,intended place of stay in Germany etc,  together we´ll decide the best course for you.

Applying to the Institute

We will apply to the particular Institute for you EmsigPro maintains strategic business relationships with many Institute in Germany

German Language Studies

You can complete your basic German language requiremnts from EmsigPro Language Centre in India.

Apply Visa

During your language studies you can apply for a Visa. We´ll guide you through the whole process.

Preparation of your Travel

What all things you need to take from your homeland? How will I survive there alone? Where will I stay? We will answer all your questions happily. Through EmsigPro GmbH we will make the necessary arrangements for you in Germany

That´s it!

Well, that´s all in India. Now you can fly to Germany! Our support in Germany continues through EmsigPro GmbH

Steps in Germany



Feststellungsprüfung (Entrance Exam)

Depending on your stream and state, you should apply for the entrance exam

University Admission

After qualification you can study anywhere in Germany. Most of the Studienkollegs are affiliated with many universities. You can either choose to study in a partner university or in the university of your choice.

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Germany:

Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, applied science, machines, and structures. One of the major advantages is that provides you with much choice and flexibility in terms of career opportunities other than just Software Engineering. Top notch companies like Siemens AG, Lufthansa airline, Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, Bosch etc., are the largest manufacturing European Companies in the World and these are German Companies. Germany is a country with major research and development plants and their need of Engineers is growing every day.

Contacts: An Important key to shape the future is directly proportional to the number of academic contacts you can make at your university.

Opportunities in Engineering Studies:

Practical knowledge: Theoretical knowledge can be gained by studying lots and lots of books. But is that enough to be an Engineer? Then that’s a definite NO. Acquiring practical knowledge is very crucial for an Engineer. As a part of your studies, you will have an opportunity to work in the leading companies of Germany.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Germany:

A Bachelor of Science degree is offered across a range of subjects in Germany. It`s a Degree which focuses on Science and Technical-based subjects. The key disciplines of the curriculum are organized based on Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science in Germany:

Germany offers a wide range of opportunities for all who wish to choose Law, History, Journalism, Public Servicet, Political science and many more.

Advantages of Bachelors from Germany

Infinite Opportunities

There are infinite number of courses in countless universities all over Germany. Germany is well known for Electrical and Mechanical Fields. Furthermore, Germany has excellent universities for Civil, Software, Bio Technology, Medicine, Arts, and all the streams you can ever imagine. Choosing the right degree is the key. You have to analyze the field you are interested in as well as the degree you wish to earn.

Masters after studies

After your Bachelors you will be eligible to pursue Masters. All degrees from Germany are highly reputed in international job market. German education system gives equal or more importance to practice oriented studies rather than just accumulation of theoretical knowledge. No wonder it became the research and mechanical hub of the world!

Part-time jobs. Earn while you learn

Part time jobs are allowed 20 Hrs/wk

Travel whole Europe

You can travel not only in Germany exploring it´s history, but also all around Europe with your Schengen Visa.You will learn a lot about life and in the end, you will find yourself settled in a wonderful country!

Safe and Secure

Germany is one among the safest countries in the world to live.

International Community

Students around the world, infact 12% choose Germany as their preferred destination to study.

The German quality

A degree from Germany is highly valued all around the world.

German Education System

Lifelong Education

In 2004 Germany adopted the Lifelong learning Strategy to encourage and support all citizens of all ages. Germany assures transparency and quality in all forms of education; formal or informal.


Most educational institutions are maintained by public authorities. • They receive the greater part of their funds from public budgets.

Organisation and Structure

The education system in the Federal Republic of Germany is divided into • Early childhood education • Primary education • Secondary education • Tertiary education • Continuing education


The Federal Government regards foreign cultural and educational policy as the "third pillar" of German foreign policy alongside political and economic relationships.

Overview of the German Educational System

Pre-School Education

Integrativer Kindergarten (3-5 Yrs)


Primary Education

Grade 1,2,3&4 Age 6-9 Yrs

Secondary Level 1


Secondary Level 2

BERUFSSCHULE or GYMNASIALE OBERSTUFE (Admission requires a formal entrance qualification)

Teritiary Education

UNIVERSITÄT (For eg. a Bachelor degree)


Continuing Education & Doctorate


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