Recognition in Germany for FMGs

An average student spends two to three years to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination in their home country. In India they get a chance to do their Internship only after passing this exam. In Pakistan you can do your Internship, however you need to pass an exam after that to get the registration. Why Internship from Home Country or Study Country is important? To apply for Approbation or Berufserlaubnis you need to submit a) Registration to practice medicine from your home country or the country you studied b) A good standing certificate Both of these you will get only after completing your internship. Without these documents your studies will be considered as incomplete in Germany and your application will be rejected. This is the basis of the common misunderstanding that with out these, you will not be able to come to Germany. There is an alternative way.

If you finished medical graduation in a foreign country and you do not have all the necessary documents to apply for a permanent licence (Good Standing Certificate or Registration Certificate), you should apply to Landesprüfungsamt, Düsseldorf for recognition of your degrees.

Landesprüfungsamt will compare your degrees with the German curriculum and provide you with a report of where your studies stand. Depending upon the decision from Landesprüfungsamt, you can proceed further.

If you have a significant shortage in your studies; for example semesters of study, you need to join a German university for completion of your studies/Internship.

Or you may be asked to take the Kenntnisprüfung/Eignungsprüfung directly.

Dr Sreenath Narayan explains the procedure of getting an Internship in Germany for FMGs along with Pravallika Jallipalli

How can we help you?

After registering with our services we´ll send you a complete list of documents necessary and guidance, how to proceed further. After the initial assessment, an approximate cost for the entire procedure will be informed to you. EmsigPro and you will be bound by an official contract and

EmsigPro will carry out the entire procedure in Germany on behalf of you.

In the meantime you can carry on your language studies in your home country/Germany.

Once the final decision is there, we will be there to assist you further.


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