Job Opportunities for Nurses in Germany

Work as a Nurse in Germany

Infinite Opportunities

Germany has a shortage of nurses with 1330 nurses per 100,000 inhabitants.A Growing and aging population, the demand for nursing staff will only increase as Germany will need 200,000 nurses in the next four years.

6 good reasons to work in Germany


Handsome Salary

14Euros/Hour(after Taxes) to 35 Euros/Hour ( depending on the experience ). Weekend and night duties are paid extra.

Better Living Conditions

Germany is one of the safe and secure place to live

Free Education

You can avail free education for your children in Germany There are infinite number of courses in countless universities all over Germany. Germany is well known for Electrical and Mechanical Fields. Furthermore, Germany has excellent universities for Civil, Software, Bio Technology and all the streams you can ever imagine including MBA.

Permanently settle in Europe

With five years of work in Germany, you will be eligible for acquiring Permanent Residence

Health Insurance

Your health insurance covers your family too.

Better Prospects

A foreign certified nurse who starts in a retirement home can expect to become team leader and even run her own retirement home in a few years’ time – if she manages the German language.

The shortage of health and nursing staff is concentrated on trained professionals and specialists. In addition, shortages of skilled workers are identifiable in ambulance and obstetrics.
In almost all federal states, there is a shortage of skilled workers in health care, nursing care, rescue services and obstetrics. In Lower Saxony, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the indicators point to signs of bottlenecks. In the entire occupational group “health, nursing, ambulance and obstetrics” the vacancy time of vacancies is 146 days (+ 43 percent above average of all jobs). Out of the 100 jobs reported at the BA, 67 are unemployed and the ratio of unemployed to the economically active is just 0.6 percent. Compared to the previous year, an increasing shortage can be seen. The vacancy time has increased by 17 days and the job vacancy ratio has decreased by 2.
© Statistik der Bundesagentur für Arbeit Deutschland

Alten Pflege (Geriatric Nursing): The shortage of skilled workers in the care of the elderly focuses on qualified specialists and specialists and is shown without exception in all federal states. Specialists in geriatric nursing include specialist caregivers with additional training in, for example, clinical geriatrics, rehabilitation, palliative, oncology. However, the specialists are a rather small group compared to the geriatric nurses overall. In no federal state are computationally sufficiently unemployed applicants available to fill the vacancies notified to the Employement Office
© Statistik der Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Requirements to practice as a Nurse in Germany

To work as a registered general nurse in Germany you need a state license. Availing this license will give you the opportunity to practice nursing profession. Achieving state license is possible even if you have foreign qualifications. You need to apply to the concerned authorities with your qualifications for equivalence with German qualification. If your qualification meets the German qualification then you will be issued with a state license.

Nursing Degree Certificate

i.      The competent authority assesses whether the qualifications which you have gained abroad are equivalent to the corresponding German qualifications.
ii.      Your qualifications are recognized as equivalent if there are no substantial differences between your foreign qualifications and the corresponding German qualifications.
iii.      In addition to training, the competent authorities also consider the professional experience that you have gained at home or abroad. Significant differences in qualifications can be offset by relevant professional experience.

German language proficiency (Pflege B2)

o    A bigger challenge is language. As a nurse you have to take care of people – who often speak only German. As a certified Nurse in Germany, you are also required to document your daily work in health reports of each patient. Having good language skills will make your work easier.

o    If you have less German skills, you will not be permitted with full responsibilities in the first year of your employment. Downside of this is the salary will be lower than normal. After achieving the language skills, you will be entitled to get the same salary as any registered nurse in Germany

List of documents needed

List of documents to apply for a position in Germany
1.       Resume in German format
2.       Motivational letter
3.       Academic certificates
4.       License registration from study country/home country
5.       Experience certificates, if any
6.       Medical certificate confirming fitness to practice the profession
7.       Police Clearance Certificate

Steps to work as a Nurse in Germany

EmsigPro guides you in pursuing a career in Germany

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Interested in Nursing in Germany?

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