Our choice:

After an intense search for perfection, we are proud of our decision in choosing MDWI AG Studienkolleg as our Co-Operation Partner.

  • Dr. Jubran Rajub (CEO, MDWi A.G.)
  • Ms. Pravallika Jallipalli (CEO, Emsigpro)
  • Ms. Marina Weidner (Head of International Affairs, Studienkolleg Germany)
  • Mr. Chaouki Khatib (Head of Student Affairs)

MDWi Studienkolleg

A goal behind the beginning of MDWi AG is to inspire the International Students to pursue their studies and contribute to Research at Magdeburg University. It is founded by Dr. Jubran Rajub, Wirtschaftsinformatiker in Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg.

    Profile of MDWi Studienkolleg:
  • Dr. Jubran Rajub ( Director of MDWi AG, Wirtschaftsinformatiker in Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg. )
  • Ms. Marina Weidner ( Head of International Affairs )
  • Mr. Chaouki Khatib (Head of Student Affairs)

Why MDWi Studienkolleg:

Conditional Admission of Magdeburg University will be issued along with Studienkolleg admission.

What is a Conditional Admission?

    • Admission with a Condition.

What is Condition?

    •Admission to Magdeburg University will be valid after clearing FSP (Festellungsprüfung).

    • Pro: Condition brings motivation and seriousness.

Course Fee:

21,500 Euros
  • Course Fee
  • Study Materials
  • Blocked Account for 12 Months
  • Health Insurance
  • 350 Euros per month Stipend for 12 months.
1000 Euros
  • Deposit for Accommodation
  •      Security deposit will be given back to students on completion of one year contract of Accommodation

Requirements for Studienkolleg:

  • S. S. C
  • Intermediate
  •  A1 German Language Certificate
  •   Guidance will be provided by EmsigPro to achieve the same

Step by Step procedure for studienkolleg

Deadline for Application
May 2020

Best Time to Apply
April 2020

Visa Interview
June / July 2020

August 2020

Possible Intakes
Sept 2020, April 2021, Sept 2021

Duration of Studienkolleg
One Year ( Two Semesters )
If you enroll for Sept 2020 Studienkolleg, Possible Bachelors enrollment will Sept 2021

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