Job Opportunities for Professionals

Job Seeker Visa

Germany job seeker visa is a long-term residence permit that Allows you to stay in Germany and search for a job. It is intended to attract highly educated professionals to meet the country`s shortage of skilled workers. Job seekers visa will be granted for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. If the applicant has been successful in finding a job then a German Work Permit will be granted

Job Experience

Applicants must have a minimum of five years’ experience related to the field of studies.



Usually, process takes a min of 3 months from the submission of application.4200 INR- This should be paid as a demand draft to German Embassy. Documents verification fee varies from 20,000 to 45000 INR. Each application should pay different amount according to their profiles. This must be paid to German Embassy.

Educational Requirements

Applicants must have Bachelor Degree or Master`s degree equivalent to German Degrees.


Applicants should be able to show the proofs of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Germany. Travel/ medical insurances should be taken by the applicant for your stay until your work permit is granted.

Are you a skilled worker or holds a professional degree?
Is your Job in need in Germany?
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How it works


Initial Assessment

We will go through your educational and experience documents and discuss about your possibilities of finding a job in Germany

The Process

We will help you with the documentation and Visa Application process.

Welcoming you in Germany*

We will arrange your accommodation in Germany and Pick you up from the Airport.


Job Search*

We will assist you in finding a Job in Germany

Continued Support*

Well we´ll be always with you, from visa extension/renewal, official matters in Germany and till and even beyond family reunion! *Premium Services, carried out by EmsigPro GmbH

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