Fellowship in Germany

What is a medical fellowship?

Fellowships in Medical, done after P.G., is the time spent to learn new techniques and skills in your desired field in a different hospital. It varies from 1-3 months and the fellow attains new set of skills along with the right exposure, which is much-needed in a medical field.

Why is it important in your career path?

After having a substantial amount of experience in your relevant field, a fellowship in a well-known hospital can help you widen your horizon and to observe things from a different perspective. A fellowship at the right time, in the right hospital can be a much-needed catalyst in achieving your dreams.

Fellowship, though for a small period, provides a good exposure and can help in forming lifelong collaborations with doctors, working in an another corner of the world. 

“…let me congratulate you on the choice of calling which offers a combination of intellectual and moral interests found in no other profession.”

― Sir William Olser

Why choose Germany for your Fellowship?

  • Germany is well-known for its various medical fields and its research departments. Germany has a high demand of healthcare professionals and according to a survey, high number of international doctors are choosing Germany, for doing their fellowships. 
  • Germany offers fellowships in a wide range of fields, for example. – ortho and trauma, plastic surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, urology etc. 
  • You will be learning new and revolutionary techniques from the experts in their fields. 
  • Germany is well-known for their expertise, ethics and quality of work environment.
  • such an environment and improve my skills and qualifications as a doctor. 
  • Apart from this, you will be learning a different culture and a foreign language. This will be an added feather to your personality. 
  • You will get an immense exposure in your field and will make contacts.

Why should you come to us?

  • Counseling and profile evaluation.
  • Complete care of your application process. (We will apply to different positions)
  • Our expertise team includes doctors, working in Germany. We know the process from inside out.
  • Visa process will be handle with care. Very high visa approval rate.
  • Our experts will prepare the CV in the right format and all the SOP’s required.
  • Preparation for the interviews, if needed. 
  • Our office is based in Hyderabad (India) and in Bayreuth (Germany)
  • Personal touch, even after landing in Germany.
  • Proper checklist of the documents will be provided before time.
  • The administration process will be handled by our experts.
  • Prompt guidance, related to your application and travel processes. 


Some requirements may vary from hospital to hospital. However, following are the essential documents to start your process:
  • Excellent academic record in MBBS and MS/MD.
  • Publications in the relevant field will have a great impact on the application process
  • Your fellowship will require english language knowledge. But upon request, you must produce the IELTS certificate or A1 German level certificate.
  • Work experience certificates may boost your application process.

Want to be a fellow in a German hospital. Come and join EmsigPro GMBH

For further information and price related queries, please contact us.

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