Doctoral Studies (PhD)

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the life-long attempt to acquire it.”

Albert Einstein

Basic Research

Leading Form
Researching under a Supervisor


Leading Form
Researching under a Supervisor

Applied research

Applied research is both different and complementary to basic research, which is primarily focused on the discovery of new academic knowledge through the investigation and proof of new theories and principles.

Structured Doctoral Pragrammes

Supervision by a Team
Pre-structured Program

Technical developments in industries such as chemical, electronics, auto, pharmaceuticals, was responsible for economic growth of nations. Large investments in R&D such as the space race, which resulted in many products and fueled economic growth.
 Development of any field depends on one factor i.e., RESEARCH
 Research is categorized into two.

As we all know, PhD is the Highest Degree that University can Offer. Apart from Engineering and Technology, Germany has plenty of opportunities for Research and Development.  In Germany, studying for a doctorate means, working on one research topic for at least three years of time. The period of Doctorate varies from three to five years.

Why Research in Germany?

Germany is well known for Doctoral Research as it`s one of the leading research nations in the World.  According to recent survey more and more young international researchers are choosing Germany as their destination. Germany offers wide range of research options: Universities, Companies, Research Institutions, Non – University Institutions.

Funds/Scholarships during Research

If you choose a University, you will be an academic research graduate with a scale of 1200 – 1700 euros / month after tax. For an Industrial Research Graduate, scale would be 2000 – 2500 Euros / month after tax. However, there are various government organizations who offers scholarships once you get an offer of a Research position in any prestigious academy in Germany.


 Entry requirements may vary according to the PhD position in Universities and Companies. In general following will be a minimum criterion to begin the thought of Research in Germany.

  1. An excellent academic record in Bachelors and Masters Studies.
  2. Publications in relevant field will be a great impact on the application process.
  3. Upon request, you must be able to submit a Doctoral Dissertation in advance to get the approval for confirmed position.
  4. Maximum, Research in Germany is held in English. In that case IELTS/ TOEFL examination should be shown to prove your English proficiency.

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