Studienkolleg and Bachelors FAQ

Bridge Course (13th year Education) – Main focus is to teach technical and cross cultural competence to cope up with German Education System.

S.S.C – 70%, Intermediate – 70%

Yes. 120 full days or 240 half days per year

a.Its entrance examination to pursue Bachelors in Germany.

b.It takes place in Magdeburg.

Pattern includes Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and German.

Clearing FSP is enough, no need to clear DSH again.

Of course, once of the best Degree in World.

a.Opportunity to pursue Masters in Engineering.

b.Work as Engineer in German Companies.

Now a days, Germany is famous for every field.

a.Not necessarily, but Bachelors Education is free in German Language.

b.Our experience states that, German Language broadens the Opportunities.

Maintaining 8640 Euros in Bank account is mandatory for Visa purposes.

More or less 500 Euros per Month.

a.For Research – Technical Universities

b.For Job – Applied Science Universities

Yes, its mandatory to have German Health Insurance

By clearing IIT Entrance and IIT Advance.

Two Intake – March and September

Contact EmsigPro. We are official partners of Studienkolleg Institute.

EmsigPro will take care of the Visa Process

19,900 € – It includes one year Blocked Account and a stipend of 250€ per Month will be given to Student

a.M Kurs – For Medicine related Courses

b.T Kurs – For Engineering related Courses

c.W Kurs – For Business Administration related Courses

Yes. Its Saxony Anhalt State licenced program. However, FSP is valid for entire Germany.

Teaches German, after B1 German Language entire course will be taught in German and its advantageous to study in German

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