Germany is a beautiful country with the natural beauty of long stretched rivers, oceans and mountains, amazing castles and bridges.

However the month of December, the last month to the beginning of all new things is special to every person living in Germany. 

The whole of Germany is filled with excitement, relaxation and the enthusiasm to celebrate Christmas and the new year. Germany has lots of Christmas markets, each one offers something different to its visitors.

Visiting Christmas Markets, held in nook and corner of the city, are becoming increasingly more popular, due to the enchanting festive season atmosphere they evoke.

They are open from the last week of November till the Christmas eve.

Let us dive right into the eye soothing Christmas markets of Germany, that are ready to fill you with the all the excitement to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

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1) The Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

Berlin has an abundance of Christmas markets. Moreover, these high numbers do not disappoint their visitors. 
The Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt is a must go, if you in Berlin. Leave that, if you travel to Germany, enjoying the atmosphere of this beautiful market and taking all in, has to be in your list. 
It looks the most beautiful market in the whole Berlin and is eye-catching. You can spot craftsmen intricately carving wooden gifts and dressmakers sewing in their stalls. Hence, this market is popular for its handicrafts. It is also popular within the artists community, as it gives the right atmosphere to display their work. One should expect everything from jugglers and fire-eaters, to a variety of musical performances.

The locatio of this market is also on its side, between the great buildings The Deutscher Dom, the Konzerthaus and the Franzozische Friedrichstadtkirche. 

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2) The Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg

This Christmas market is widely popular among visitors and is the largest in Germany. It is situated in the center of the old city. This is all about history and traditions. Nuremberg plays host to around 20 cities at Rathausplatz (the town hall), where cities from Atlanta to Sri Lanka set up with their own traditional goods. You will find things from Provence, to Scotland, salami and cheese from Italy, and matryoshka from Ukraine. 

In this market, you will find everything authentic and a little more tasty. For ex. ‘Nürnberger Rostbratwürste’ is a must try along with Zwetschgenmännle, which is a traditional Nürnberger specialty with dried plums. These “Männle” (male) are put together with dried fruit and wire to create a little figurine.

Pic Credits : munich.travel

3) Münchner Christkindlmarkt, Munich

One of the most important and traditional market of Munich bursts out in famous Marienplatz, which is surrounded by historic buildings including the Neo-Gothic New and Old Town Halls.

Indulge yourself in a Bavarian extravaganza with hand-painted glass balls and home-brewed Beerenglühwein. Have a merry-go-time while visiting the stalls, lit up by the massive Christmas tree in front of the town hall and the 2,500 candles creating a warm, merry glow.

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4) Dresden Striezelmarkt, Dresden

This is one of the most vibrant Christmas markets in the whole of Germany. Lights glittering over the river, a flowing scent of mulled wine in the air, the sound of festive music with the dance, Dresden Striezelmarkt rightly sets the atmosphere for Christmas cheer.

Although it is the oldest Christmas market in Germany, it erected the world’s tallest Christmas pyramid in 1999, with a staggering height of 14.62 meters. 

While wandering through the streets full of lively shops, spot for the traditional handcrafted nutcrackers. Aside from miniature statues, visitors can indulge in Germany’s classic Stollen fruit loaf.

Pic Credits : citynews-koeln.de

5) Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom, Cologne

The largest Christmas tree in the Rhine is under the most prominent landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Gothic Cathedral of Cologne. It is decorated with lights, red ribbons and ornaments. Stroll through the glittery shops and live-music acts while sipping on some Glühwein. Everybody from all ages can dive in the atmosphere of festivities, including young ones, who can enjoy a ride on an old-fashioned merry-go-round, or spin their fate on the wheel of fortune.

Must try food for this Christmas market is Currywurst and South Tyrolian ham.

6) Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt, Stuttgart

This market is regarded as one of the most beautiful markets in the whole Europe. Having a never-ending rows of lively shops decorated with the ornaments, every year a prize is given to the best. 

Enjoy yourself and spend your time among melodious choirs, munching on local delicacies while sipping the wine and slipping at the ice rink.

Pic Credits : leipzig-im.de

7) Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt, Leipzig

It is the second oldest Christmas market, dating back to 1458. It centered around the historic Marketplatz. Arounf 250 ornamental stalls are there to make you feel special. Strolling around through the glittering lights of the shops, music and parades will set your right in the festive mode. 

Look out for the huge Advent Calendar and enjoy the 38m-high Ferris Wheel with the breath-taking view.

 From Munich and Leipzig to Dresden and Berlin, the Christmas markets are filled with buzz and excitement all over Germany where festively decorated huts are selling handcrafted goods and delicious food.


The other worth visiting Christmas markets are – Markets in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Römerberg market, Frankfurt, Heidelberg Christmas markets, Engelchen market, Düsseldorf, Hamburg Christmas markets, Town hall Christmas market, Aachen and Bremen Christmas markets.

A visit to Germany during Christmas time will help you not only in making lifelong beautiful memories, but also will relax your in the ways you have never known. 

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