Lola rennt (Run Lola Run) is a riveting, heart pounding epic choose-your-own adventure. Written and directed by “Tom Tykwer’ in 1998, has truly proven himself as the filmmaker to watch. The little known German director has produced a modern-day masterpiece; a dazzling technical film about how life consists of the decisions we make.

Lola (Franka Potente) receives a phone call from her boyfriend, Manni. (Moritz Bleibtreii) Manni accidentally leaves a bag carrying $100 000 on a train, which is picked up by a homeless man. This leaves Manni in quite a predicament. He is supposed to deliver the money to a gangster by noon, if he fails, then he is likely to be killed. Lola has twenty- minutes to save his boyfriend. Twenty short minutes to find the money somehow and get it to him.

It may sound strange, but the film is twenty-minutes long. Well, not really, but it is in context. Tykwer focuses on the twenty-minutes that Lola has, and shows that twenty-minutes three times over, each time with small differences will affect the outcome of the characters. The danger of this technique is that it can threaten to be repetitive. However, the new additions added by Tykwer are very clever and link in perfectly, which will have you gasping for more.

By replaying through the same sort of events three times the director lets you really get a sense of feeling for the characters, especially Lola and as the film progresses you actually start to care about the characters

Tykwer wrote and directed this film, and while doing this, he never lost sight of his meaning. His meaning that he is trying to express is that life consists of the decisions we make. While watching the film, it becomes increasingly evident. He also likes to emphasize that time is against Lola during the film. This can be seen when a young woman walks past and Lola asks her for the time, the next shot shows a much older woman answering her question, hence showing the importance of time.

This movie had the budget of only 1.7 million dollars and was scheduled for 7 weeks shooting. Since they had a small budget, there were only 300 extras in this film. This movie is shot mostly in the streets of Berlin.

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When Lola runs, the director put flash backs of Lola and Manni in between, giving movie its emotional depth and gave viewers the answer to: why Lola wants to save her boyfriend so passionately? They shot Lola running with different angles to make it visually interesting each time, so the viewers do not get bored. The film took 1500 edits, which explained the pace of the movie. He frequently filmed the clocks to press the urgency of Lola.

It contains black and white camera, animation, three or four different types of slow motion, fast motion and the most amazing still shots taken for a film which is enough to keep anyone interested. Plus this film is only 80 minutes long, but luckily it feels only about 20 minutes long.

Pic Credits : Originalfilmart.com

Franka Potente (Lola) does a wonderful job and must have lost about 10 pounds for all the running she does in this film. This movie will surely give you running goals.

The actors have delivered a very memorable and exciting performance which will leave viewers wanting to watch the film over and over again.

Accompanied by techno music and populated by young and likeable “hip” protagonists, Run Lola Run is very pleasing to the eyes and ears of its viewers.

The film was a critically acclaimed movie of the year and was nominated for 41 awards. Out of which, it managed to win 26 awards. The movie was also a financially hit. Since the making took only 1.73 millions and it made around 23 million dollars worldwide.

This is one of those rare cinematic events that is entertaining, satisfying, and absorbing, as well as flawlessly acted, staged, edited, produced and directed.

Run Lola Run is an example of both style and substance, how creativity can be used to overcome the small budget. It deserves every award and every single praise.

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