Germany is among those countries, where rules are being loved and are being respectfully followed. Germans hate to break the law and frown upon those, who do not obey the rules. 

Germany has a buffet full of its unique festivals, breathtaking castles and palaces, scenic beauty, fast speed Autobahns, delicious beers, colorful history and vibrant culture. You can choose whatever you like. Germany does not fail to charm the travellers. However, along with the colorful platter, comes many rules and regulations, that are ought to be followed. 

In between all the fun, one has to always remember, that you are not in your own country and are in a foreign land with different laws to obey and to remember.

Our top 10 rules, that one must absolutely remember while travelling to Germany. Otherwise, please be ready to pay hefty fines and/or possible ban from th e country.

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1.Do not Jaywalk

Do not cross the street when there is a red light, unless you want someone to make you understand the rule. Especially when a child can watch you, you should not in any case, cross the street while red. Germans want to show the children that rules are not meant to be broken. 


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2.Autobahn (Highway) is not a racetrack

Do not think, Autobahn is a racetrack. There is a myth, that autobahns do not have speed limits. One can observe various speed limit sign boards, dedicated to different lanes within Germany. If you drive recklessly, you will be heavily charged. Do not use your mobiles while driving especially on Autobahn in order to have a photographic memory of yours. It can be risky for you as well for others. You cannot overtake cars from the right on the highway.

Another rule to be followed is, to keep a check on your fuel tank before driving on the Autobahn. You have to pay a hefty fine if you run out of fuel in the middle of any Autobahn.


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3.Closed Sundays

Do not expect to shop on Sundays. It is a rest day for Germans and all the shops are closed. Except for museums, restaurants and some shops at the airport are open. However, that is it. You cannot make loud sounds and do things involving loud sounds on Sundays. You will be charged, if your neighbors call the police.


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4.10 pm means SILENCE

Do not make any loud noises. At 10:01 pm your neighbors can call the police on you, if they do not like being disturbed after 10 pm


5.Do not be a ‘Schwarzfahrer’

Schwarzfahrer means illegal traveller. It is the most common fine, a traveller unknown to the German public transport system has to pay in Germany. Buying a ticket is not sufficient. It has to be stamped from the stamp machine. Without the stamp, one is travelling illegally. If caught, one has to pay an enormous amount of fine. 

To know more about the German transport system, read our blog – 



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6.Do not do the Nazi salute

The Germans are ashamed of their past and feel sorry for what happened. However, they do not like to be mocked for their past. If you raise your hands at an angle of 45 degrees, you will literally be banned from the country along with hefty fine.

7.Do not take selfies at the most inappropriate places

Please show some respect and be considerate. For example, Jews memorial place. 

It is a memorial in Berlin, built in order to show respect to the Jewish victims during the Holocaust. Do not start jumping and playing on the Grey rectangular blocks. The memorial is a place of concentration camps.

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8.Cash is king 

We love to swipe our credit/debit cards. But not in Germany. Do not forget to have cash when going out. Please do not complain, if you have to pay in cash. This is their way of doing stuff. 

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9.Understand different lanes of the road 

In Germany, there is a specific lane for cycle riders and pedestrians. Do not cycle in the another lane, you might get the ticket. Please do not walk in the cycle lanes, unless you want someone to make you understand the rule. 

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10.Wearing masks while driving

Last but not least, you are not allowed to wear any masks, that hide your face while driving. The German government wants to know the face of the driver, while on the road. This should be remembered especially during Carnival season. If you hide your face behind a carnival mask while driving, you are punishable by law. 


With this, I end my list here. I hope, you remember these rules, the next time you travel to Germany. Please comment below, your experiences while travelling to Germany. We would love to hear from you guys.

If you know any rules, I forgot to mention in my list, please comment below. 

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