Wondering about the part-time jobs for international students in Germany? Is finding a part-time job for students tough in Germany? Not really.
The only important thing is what is your strategy while finding a part-time job.This article will guide you in finding a part-time job in Germany. There is a law in Germany related to maximum number of hours an international student can work. The law says, that the international students can work for 240 half days and 120 full days or a 20 hours per week. You should keep a track for your number of hours and all the regulations, so that you do not fall in any trouble.

So, let’s jump into the process of finding a real part-time job. I will be giving you a list of helpful sources which might be helpful in finding a job.

University boards:

This is one of the first places you should start looking for a job. There will be many flyers with all the details for various types of jobs. You can look for your desired job and set a meeting by directly contacting them.

Google maps:

Yes, apart from helping you in day to day life, google maps can also help you in finding a potential job. You can type the keywords and google maps will give you nearby offices, related to that job. You can make a list of these offices with all the details regarding name, address, email id’s. With this list by the side, you can start applying for a job.

HiWis: (Hilfswissenschaftler):

If you want to work as a research student or a teacher’s assistant in a particular university, you can go to University’s website or its board and look for the possible job openings for students.


Yes, Ebay not only helps for shopping and spending your money. It is also a good place to find a job, that actually pays. In Germany, people use Ebay for everything. So, why not for job searching. You can go to the categories and select ‘Jobs’. Select ‘Nebenjobs’ (german word for part-time jobs) and you will have a list of all types of part time jobs and advertisements. You can write to them or directly call them.

Restaurants, Cafe, shops:

You should keep an eye for any posters for job vacancies in Restaurants, Cafe, shops while strolling down the roads. They might have a vacancy for a student. You can also find job posters in the Supermarkets also. Please keep your eyes open, next time you go shopping in the supermarkets. But they will expect you to know bit of German language, as these jobs will definitely include interacting with the customers.

Jobbörse – job searching websites:

You can always go on the internet and type part-time jobs or Teilzeit jobs (German name) and start looking for jobs on various job portal websites. Get in touch with by directly calling them or you can write an email.

Few websites that will help you in finding the part-time jobs are:

1) https://jobs.thelocal.de/
2) https://www.jobmensa.de/
3) https://www.studentjob.de/

Few websites that will help you in finding the internships related to your own career are:

1) https://www.berufsstart.de/
2) https://www.meinpraktikum.de/
3) http://derpraktikant.eu/
4) https://www.backinjob.de/praktikum/

Ask your friends around:

There is an unsaid rule that the best possible way to find a job is through contacts. So, start asking your friends or batch mates for any vacancies at the place, they are working at.

This list ends here, but your journey to find a job in Germany starts now. Happy hunting !

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