You would be amazed and sometimes irritated to know, what all common things you can miss from your homeland, when living on a foreign soil. When it comes to Germany, it can give you some drastic cultural shocks even in day to day life.

Read along if you want to make some things easier in your early days of settling in a foreign land. Fun fact : niederlassen [ˈniːdɐˌlasn̩] is the German word for settling in a new country or a place unknown to us.

I will provide my list of all time top 6 things, someone should stock up while planning to shift to Germany from India.


Pressure cooker

This is one of the most important things that every Indian student wants to have in Germany. Pressure cookers are too pricey in the German market, as compared to Indian shops. As an Indian, you cannot survive without dal or rice.


Non stick Kitchen set 

After the pressure cooker, it would be smart to buy the kitchen set including wok, pan and a frying pan. The cost of these “a must have” utensils is excessively high in Germany. It would be a smart decision not to buy a special roti tawa. Just buy the induction ones in a combo, which will also cut down your bill. 


Rolling pin and a set of knives

If you want to make rotis on a non-stick frying pan, a rolling pin is an obvious box to tick. Knives are the vital thing to have, if you want to eat as simple as an apple. If you do not want to dig a deep hole in your pockets, I would suggest you to take it from India only.



After necessary things to fill your stomach, then comes the most vital thing to keep you healthy in a foreign land. Having your own medical kit is a no brainer. I would suggest you to keep simple antibiotics. As no chemist or pharmacy will give you antibiotics without a presciption in Germany. To get medicines on weekends is a big problem. If you are into Ayurvedic products, then do carry with you. It is pretty difficult to find Ayurvedic products on any given day.



A close brother to ghee in the German market would be ‘Butterschmalz‘. It works well for baking and frying, but when you are craving for “khichidi” or “tadka wali daal”  then you need the Indian ghee. Anyway, what is Indian food without a healthy (cough) spoonful of Ghee?


Tea, curry leaves and cardamom

If you are a tea lover and your mornings means a cup of tea, then it is a must for you. In Germany, you can not get hands on loose tea leaves like Darjelling tea or Tata Tea. If you are used to the flavors of curry leaves and cardamom in your food, it is strongly suggested to stock up several packets. These two things will dig your pockets real deep, as we, Indians use these things on a daily basis. 


Although the list ends here, our craving for Indian food never does. So, I will give you top German supermarkets and online platforms, from where you can get good authentic Indian foods :

Kaufman, Edeka stock many Indian products with frequent discounts. 
Two of the most used online platforms which offers great variety of Indian procuts are:

1) https://spicevillage.eu/
2) https://www.get-grocery.com/en/

I hope, I was helpful to you in order to burst your hunger prangs for Indian food on the foreign soil. Happy living in Germany !

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