Unlike many other countries post-graduation in Neurology in Germany is a direct five years course. The field of neurology includes the prevention, detection, conservative treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system including the musculature.

Post-graduation in Neurology in Germany Training time:

60 months in a further education at a further education centre, of which

• 24 months in inpatient neurological care
• 12 months in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and/or Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
• 6 months in intensive care for neurological patients
• can be credited for up to 12 months in the field of internal medicine and/or general medicine, anatomy, neurosurgery, neuropathology, neuroradiology and physiology
• can be spent/credited up to 24 months in the outpatient area

Post-graduation in Neurology in Germany: Course structure


  •  the prevention, detection, treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of neurological conditions and defect states –
  • the neurological-psychiatric history taking including biographical and psychosocial relationships, psychogenic symptoms as well as somatopsychic reactions –
  • the indication and monitoring of neurological, neurorehabilitative and physical treatment methods –
  • the indication and evaluation of neuroradiological procedures –
  • the interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic cooperation with other occupational healthcare groups such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology and occupational therapy including their indication and monitoring of appropriate measures –
  • the indication of socio-therapeutic measures –
  • targeted drug therapy –
  • the fundamentals of targeted tumour therapy –
  • the care of palliative care patients –
  • neurological-geriatric syndromes and disease consequences including pharmacotherapy in old age –
  • the basics of neurologically relevant sleep and vigilance disorders –
  • the basics of behavioural neurology and neuropsychology –
  • the foundations of hereditary disease including the indication for a human genetic counselling –
  • the brain death diagnosis –
  • the indication, appropriate sample collection and treatment for laboratory tests and classification of the results in the respective clinical picture –
  • the basic intensive care –
  • the acute treatment of addictions-

Defined examination and treatment procedures:


  • Electroencephalography –
  • Electromyography –
  • Electronography including cortical magnetic stimulation –
  • Visual, somatosensible, auditory and motor evoked potentials –
  • Functional diagnostics of the autonomic nervous system –
  • Functional analysis of peripheral and central movement disorders and balance disorders –
  • Functional analysis of speech, speech and swallowing disorders –
  • neuro-otological investigations, z. Experimental nystagmus provocation, Spino-vestibular, vestibulospinal and central tests –
  • behavioural neurological and neuropsychological test methods –
  • sonographic examinations of the nervous system and Muscles as well as Doppler / Duplex examinations of extra- and intracranial vessels supplying the brain –
  • Neurological findings in disorders of higher cerebral performance; Eg of self and deficit perceptions, motivation, drive, communication, attention, memory, spatial capacities, thinking, acting, creativity –
  • creating rehabilitation plans, monitoring and epicritical evaluation of the use of rehabilitation procedures –
  • puncture and catheterization techniques including the collection of CSF specimens –
  • infusion, transfusion and blood replacement therapy, enteral and parenteral nutrition

This course structure has been copied from Weiterbildungsordnung für die Ärzte Bayerns vom 24. April 2004 – in der Fassung der Beschlüsse vom 21. Oktober 2017 Bayerische Landesärztekammer. Information ohne Gewähr. Translation is provided for information purposes only.  The original information you can find at www.blaek.de/

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