Your choice of what to wear in a country like Germany is largely dependent on the four seasons. You may look fashionable and at the same time, protect your body from unfavourable weather conditions.The four seasons in Germany are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons has their characteristics, and as earlier said, would determine what you wear. So, if you want to give your skin the right protection and look your best, then check out how to dress for the four seasons below.

Winter: December, January, and February

The winter months in Germany are cold to the extent that most people prefer to remain indoors. But staying at home all through does not put food on the table. It goes to tell people around that you are lazy.

Winter months are cold and can make you want to remain glued to your bed all day. But the best way to remain active to go to where you want to is to dress properly.

There are specific clothes made for winter. Put on a warm winter coat that has some really long underwear layer. It should be thick enough get you warmed up and free from cold. Get warm gloves too to keep your hands warm. But the gloves should be flexible so you can handle a shovel properly when time to clear snow reaches. Get a pair of comfortable boots that are water resistant. You can get any form of shoes that can keep your feet dry and warm. A winter scarf and hat to match would protect any part of your body not covered by your clothes.

Spring: March, April, and May

Spring is no doubt a wonderful time to live or visit Germany. After the long winter season, everyone feels the relief that follows this warm season. On top the warm and bright weather, numerous events and festivals also take place during this period. And since there isn’t much cold outside like the winter period, but you would experience a winter-like weather during March.

Layers are highly recommended during spring in Germany. You can choose a waterproof outer layer and one underneath that you can remove when the weather gets sunny and warm. A black leather jacket coupled with a cardigan underneath is what most females like to wear.

Get a thin scarf that you can wear during cool days. But you have to take it off when the weather becomes warm. It could get really sunny during this period, so don’t forget to get outside without your sunglasses. Lightweight pants or skinny jeans are an excellent option. You can also complement this with ankle boots or sneakers.

Summer: June and August

Summer periods are always hot and humid. In fact, many leave home during weekends to cool down at the lakeside. But no matter the heat, summer is still one of the best periods to live in Germany.

The weather is quite hot, so anything you wear should be able to keep you cool. You can wear mini skirt or denim shorts. A tank top or shirt will fit perfectly. Any colour would be great to wear, but darker colours are more preferred. Dark coloured shirts will keep you cool during the hot summer period.

For shoes, sandals or flats that are comfortable are ideal. And you can abandon the high heels during this time of the year.

Autumn: September, October, and November

The transition in weather during the fall is amazing. It’s the time that summer is gradually fading away and you could see the leaves change colours to adapt to the new weather situation. And of course, the wind comes as well.

You will experience warm and chilly weather during autumn. The former is experienced during September, while the month of October is quite chilly. Rain and cold winds flourish during the month of October and November.

A blazer or denim jacket is a good option during September period. But during the month of October and November, a warm jacket would be fine. You may decide to go for a jacket that has a hood to protect your head when it starts raining or the wind starts blowing. Long leather boots are also a great option. Be sure that they are resistant to water so that there would be no need for you to bother yourself whenever it starts raining.

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