The German cuisine is one of the main distinctive of this country’s culture in the rest of the world, standing out for its variety and exquisiteness of prepared with its diverse aromas, textures, and flavours. In this article, you will find some of its typical dishes.

German cuisine is based on influences received by neighbouring countries such as Holland, Switzerland, France, Austria, thus having remarkable variations in different parts of the country. German cuisine is also characterized by its abundant rations and the presence of meats, sausages, bakery, seafood, vegetables and dairy products in addition to its renowned drinks such as wine and beer, which are tasted both daily and in special celebrations.

Some Germany’s Typical Dishes


They are bread worldwide known for having a peculiar intertwined form, their name justly refers to “small arm”, because it looks like a pair of intertwined arms and has a slightly salty flavour.

In Germany and especially in Bavaria, its place of birth, the best pretzels are part of the typical food of the country and you can find it in two categories: pretzel biscuits and soft bread pretzels. The second type can be prepared with a variety of flavours, including almonds, garlic, etc.

Its main ingredients are usually: wheat flour with yeast, milk or water and butter or pork fat; the dough is briefly dipped in a 3% sodium bicarbonate solution before baking, and usually sea salt is added, although they are also made sweet, flavoured with cinnamon, vanilla, etc. Some regional recipes add egg, lemon, sesame seeds, etc.


The German bratwurst concept covers a good number of sausages, most of them are made with pork and are stuffed in natural gut. All of them can be fried in a pan or roasted on a grill.

The name “Bratwurst” comes from Brät, a type of minced meat. The term can be used to refer to different types of sausages, including Dosenwurst (canned sausages). The fried Bratwürste or grilled can be called Rostbratwurst, Roster, Grillwurst or Griller to distinguish them better.



Continuing with the sausages’ topic, the currywurst is a German sausage cooked (Brühwurst) or grilled (Bratwurst). Most of the time it is served cut into slices and is accompanied by ketchup or tomato sauce and curry powder. The accompaniment of this sausage is usually with a typical German roll (Brötchen) or simple chips.

It is a very popular sausage and is very common in street stalls, markets, and fairs where everything is served in cardboard trays with a special fork for currywurst.

The sausage is almost an icon of daily culture in Germany and there are many fans who discuss with pleasure about the sauces’ composition, the species and where the best currywurst is served.


The schnitzel is traditionally prepared with a thin slice of veal meat, which is softened before hitting it with a mallet. After this operation, it is immersed in wheat flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs and then fried in clarified butter. The breadcrumbs are sometimes seasoned with fresh ground black pepper. A popular version of the Schnitzel is prepared in the same way but with pork.

This dish is traditionally accompanied with potato salad and lemon slices or is also usually served with a lettuce and tomato salad seasoned with a vinaigrette. It is also accompanied by a little cranberry sauce. At present, this dish can be served by rice, fried or roasted potatoes.

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