(As the other parts of World say it)

 By Shvaita Madhuri

It’s been a year and 4 months living in Germany and to be precise in southernmost city of Germany, which shares its borders with der Schweiz und der Österreich. Technically, I haven’t roamed around all Germany, neither around Europe. I know it might sound bit boring to adventurous and travelling kind of people, but I lived in just one city all the while. I met few Germans who randomly bumped to me and started talking about India and how they would forever cherish their memoirs.

Once an old German lady standing ahead in queue to me at Penny turned around to see who helped her pick up her blueberries while putting them for billing. And there she starts with an awww. My dear you must be Indian. I smiled and nodded but didn’t know what made her say that straight. While I could figure out may be it was because of my obvious brown color she started explaining. She had been to southern India in 1987, way back when I wasn’t even born. And how blessed she feels even today that she had been to the land of kindness. I was so overwhelmed to even say thank you listening to her happiness and glitter in eyes, it was my turn to pay bills for my groceries. She kept talking to me even after her billing was done. And she continued as we start to move out of Penny. She named all the temples she visited in Thanjavur and Thiruvananthapuram. We had to take the same bus for home. And then she says slowly, she had never met any kinder soul than an Indian. Wait! What did she just say that we Indians are the kindest among whom she met being a German? I felt so proud and happy that I just helped her pick up some fruits from ground and there she goes. I’m sure it wasn’t with just one incident. She must have had many more good experiences with us that is why she chose to talk to an Indian randomly in a store and later even invite her for dinner, which was truly a great gesture.

My experience so far with Germans has been amazing. They are honest and straight which might be difficult to handle sometimes, as we haven’t grown up with that straightforwardness. I’m so glad to live in Germany and explore completely different culture than ours.

And, yes the lady called me Indian for my brown colour and later added to it “beautiful Indian features” too.

 Shvaita Madhuri

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