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Study in Germany; the land of ideas

Germany suffers an acute shortage of thousands of doctors and nurses in almost all sectors. All you need is the German language to migrate and settle. We offer complete support for medical post-graduation or jobs related to the medical field in Germany. Whether you are a beginner or already midway in preparations, we always will have something new for you.

A Bachelor of Science degree is offered across a range of subjects in Germany. It`s a Degree which focuses on Science and Technical-based subjects. The key disciplines of the curriculum are organized based on Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. To secure admission to a German University a foreign student has to undergo one year of Studienkolleg program. EmsigPro in co-operation with Berlin Freshman Year brings Studienkolleg to Hyderabad. The final three months of the program will be conducted in Berlin, Germany.

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fork & knife

How to use fork and knife (European style)

How you choose to get your food into your mouth may not matter when you’re eating at the comfort of your home. But that’s completely not the case when you are eating in an open environment. Perhaps, in a restaurant or on a formal occasion, there must be sanity in your...
German cuisine

German Cuisine

The German cuisine is one of the main distinctive of this country’s culture in the rest of the world, standing out for its variety and exquisiteness of prepared with its diverse aromas, textures, and flavours. In this article, you will find some of its typical dishes....

The diary of a big city girl

By Bhavika Sharma Hi! I'm Bhavika, a DAAD Bachelor scholar at the Studienkolleg of FU Berlin. Six months ago I packed my bags and moved to another continent to seek what my heart ached for. Living in Germany has brought me closer to my pursuit. Here's a look at the...

European Breakfast

What do Europeans eat for breakfast? It´s always good to go out of the routine and try something new. Learn more about typical European breakfast here. In the world, there are an infinity of different cultures and with unique characteristics, and that is something...
higher education

Higher education in India – Value addition or Punishment?

Aristotle said that educating the mind without educating the heart, cannot be considered as real education. There are many factors contributing to the efficiency of education and yet many others that act as pointers to the deterioration of the same. Education, per se,...
Football in Germany

Fußball : How football is deeply rooted with Germany´s Culture

The game of football is a major cultural phenomenon in Germany. It is by far the most popular sport across the country and its popularity started around 1910 when young sportsmen felt that the usual gymnastics are stereotyped and boring. Soon playing football became a...

How to Dress up Properly for the Four Seasons

Your choice of what to wear in a country like Germany is largely dependent on the four seasons. You may look fashionable and at the same time, protect your body from unfavourable weather conditions.The four seasons in Germany are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter....

Life at Land of Ideas

(As the other parts of World say it)   By Shvaita Madhuri It’s been a year and 4 months living in Germany and to be precise in southernmost city of Germany, which shares its borders with der Schweiz und der Österreich. Technically, I haven’t roamed around all Germany,...

Across the Line

  Aashisha is a sentimentalist who makes a job out of collecting feelings of all kinds, and has an enormous appetite for books (mostly fiction) with a special place in her heart for the written word, be it prose or poetry. Read more from aashisha at...
Technology in germany

Major contributions to science from Germany

It is rather impossible to quantify the contributions of Germany towards science and technology. Across all fields, Germany has claimed a firm ground amongst the most outstanding inventions in human history. This is partly due to the political and economical stance of...

Let’s get to know each other

EmsigPro got first registered in Germany, then we established our first branch in India in Hyderabad and parallelly raised the German company as a GmbH. EmsigPro is expanding further with new projects in 4 major cities in India and as an Institute in Germany, thanks to the trust you have in us. 

Our registration details you can find here


What do we do?

EmsigPro offers consultancy services related to higher education in engineering, medical and allied branches in Germany. At emsigpro, through our experienced staff, we ensure that you will receive the most comprehensive service that only a very few competitors, if not none can offer. We assure that your journey with us will be astonishing. Though miles apart, we promise to answer your queries as soon as possible and we´ll design a plan which is right for you. Through our representatives in your country, we´ll provide you with any support you need.

Timely Support

EmsigPro acts fast and precise. Every clients of us are  allocated to an academic advisor and he´ll be reachable to his clients always.

Innovative Ideas

We keep professionalism in every stage. All our staff are well educated and bring always the best solution to your concerns.

Advanced Technology

We always choose the best and secure solution available in market for communication, storage, CRM and processing of your documents

Clear Communication

We make sure that each and every stage of the process are communicated to our clients on timely basis both in written and verbal forms.

Transparent and Secure

We believe in being transparent with our clients. No extra or hidden Charges. An official contract will be issued to every customer.

Be Careful!

All our academic advisors´details are published on the website and we´ll update it regularly too. Anybody not mentioned here means he is not an academic advisor at EmsigPro

Hear from our previous clients

“All consultancies will show you stars. But EmsigPro knows how to take you there. Their organized and professional approach along with the knowledge they have is obviously the key.” Watch interview with Suraj here

Suraj Sajja

MD (Kyrgyztan)

EmsigPro took my case as a challenge and opened a whole new way for FMGs who wish to do Post-graduation in Germany. Mid way through my process, they are still with me guiding and motivating! Watch interview with Dhanyatha here

Dhanyatha Athmakuri

MD (Kyrgyztan)

” I did not have any idea about the process. Academic advisors from EmsigPro really help me to understand the whole process. If they don´t know answers to some questions, they always refer with the experts and came back to me within no time”

Jesmin Jacob

MBBS (China)


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EMSIGPRO GmbH is officially registered in Germany (HRB 6644 Bayreuth). We are a member of Industrie und Handelskammer Oberfranken (IHK). EmsigPro Edu Pvt Ltd is officially registered in India acc. to Indian Companies act. All our registration as well as accreditation details you can find here We respect your privacy. Check our privacy policy acc. to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines here

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