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Medical Post-graduation, Bachelors and Masters in Engineering,Job Opportunities in nursing and engineering fields just call us for expert guidance.

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Are you a consultancy, language school or a University who wish to work with us? As a registered company from Germany, we ensure quality and security.
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Are you a firm or hospital from Germany who wish to employ highly qualified professionals from abroad.We ensure authenticity of all academic and experience certificates from our registered candidates.
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Germany has infinite Opportunities

Study in Germany; the land of ideas

Medical PG In Germany

Medical In Germany
Germany suffers an acute shortage of thousands of doctors and nurses in almost all sectors. All you need is the German language to migrate and settle. We offer complete support for medical post-graduation or jobs related to the medical field in Germany. Whether you are a beginner or already midway in preparations, we always will have something new for you.

Bachelor of Science

bachelor In Germany
A Bachelor of Science degree is offered across a range of subjects in Germany. It`s a Degree which focuses on Science and Technical-based subjects. The key disciplines of the curriculum are organized based on Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. To secure admission to a German University a foreign student has to undergo one year of Studienkolleg program.

Masters in Germany

Masters in Germany
There are infinite number of courses in countless universities all over Germany. Germany is well known for Electrical and Mechanical Fields. Furthermore, Germany has excellent universities for Civil, Software, Bio Technology and all the streams you can ever imagine including MBA.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities
Germany job seeker visa is a long-term residence permit that allows you to stay in Germany and search for a job It is intend to attract highly educated professionals to meet the country`s shortage of skilled workers. Job seekers visa will be granted for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. If the applicant has been successful in finding a job then a German Work Permit will be granted


A German degree is highly valued around the globe.


Higher education in germany is free of cost.


Recent years, Germany became one among the most preferred destination for international students.


In a country with 108 Nobel laurates, research is always of prime importance.


After the studies, numerous job opportunities in Germany allows a student to stay back and settle.


Germany is the land of ideas and innovative minds are always welcomed here.

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Post-graduation in Endocrinology and Diabetology in Germany

Post-graduation in Psychiatry in Germany

Post-graduation in Psychiatry in Germany

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Deutsch für medizinische Fachkräfte
Deutsch für medizinische Fachkräfte
Deutsch für medizinische Fachkräfte (2)
Deutsch für medizinische Fachkräfte (2)

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Launching Now
Our world is becoming smarter day after day. And we are not behind.
We, at EmsigPro are adamant about providing smart securities to your organizations and thus providing you a safer workplace. Rely on us to provide secure workstations to work in through our Smart Security Systems.
EmsigPro Technologies has been working in Germany since 2017 constantly using new age technologies to bring innovations. And we are now launching our website.
We deal with the Smart Security Systems to ensure the total security of the vast organizations.
Visit our website to learn more: https://emsigpro.tech/
Blocked account got revised
There has been an increase in the amount in the Blocked account (a compulsory account that is being opened, while going to Germany for studies). From 1 January 2020, the annual requirement that must be paid into the blocked account when applying for a visa will increase to 10,236 Euros. This increased amount applies to all visa applications submitted from 1 September 2019.
The student will be able to withdraw a maximum of 853 Euros from 1 September 2019. Previously, the withdrawal amount was 720 Euros
For detailed information, please visit: Click Here

Foreign Doctors in Germany
Number of foreign doctors in Germany increases considerably as years pass by. With an estimated shortage of 1,65,000 doctors by the year 2030 Germany continue to be one of the most attractive destinations for foreign doctors. According to recent
statistics 648 doctors of Indian origin are currently employed in Germany. 20 % increase compared tothe previous year.

Source: Bundesärztekammer

Beginning of a new relationship
We are happy to announce our new partnership. EmsigPro has been partnered with Studienkolleg Germany, an initiative by Magdeburger Wirtshaftsinformatik A.G. (MDWi A.G.) for
conducting Studienkolleg Program in Germany for its students.
Dr. Jubran Rajub (CEO, MDWi A.G.)
Ms. Pravallika Jallipalli (CEO, Emsigpro)
Ms. Marina Weidner (Head of International Affairs,
Studienkolleg Germany)
Mr. Chaouki Khatib (Head of Student Affairs)

Marburger Bund

It is a professional association representing doctors in Germany. On behalf of almost55,000 doctors, currently Marburger Bundis engaged in a discussion with municipalclinics in Germany to reduce the work loadand clear duty roasters.

To Know More Click Here

Connect with Marburger Bund  Contact Now
Study in Germany 
Awareness Drive being conducted at (SBIT)
Conducted Seminar regarding Masters in Germany
in SBIT, Khammam.
Our special Thanks to Management
of SBIT for giving this opportunity. 
Mr. Naresh (Marketing Manager at EmsigPro)
Mr. Santosh (Academic Manager at EmsigPro)
Mr. Srinivas Madira
(Training Placement Officer)
Mr. Manmohan tiwari
(Assistant Training Placement Officer)

Hear from our previous clients

testimonials_Shajan Purushothaman

Dr. Shajan Purushothaman  MBBS,MD,DNB

I would like to thank profusely the Emsigpro Team for their clear and timely guidance, which helped me immensely for my smooth and successful sailing during the First phase of Medical PG course in Germany for the integrated Course.
I would straight way recommend Emsigpro team for anyone who is intending to do their Medical PG in Germany. Thank you very much Emsigpro team.”


Suraj Sajja MD (Kyrgyztan)

“All consultancies will show you stars. But EmsigPro knows how to take you there. Their organized and professional approach along with the knowledge they have is obviously the key.”



Dhanyatha Athmakuri MD (Kyrgyztan)

“EmsigPro took my case as a challenge and opened a whole new way for FMGs who wish to do Post-graduation in Germany. Mid way through my process, they are still with me guiding and motivating! ”


Jesmin Jacob MBBS (China)

” I did not have any idea about the process. Academic advisors from EmsigPro really help me to understand the whole process. If they don´t know answers to some questions, they always refer with the experts and came back to me within no time”

Timely Support

EmsigPro acts fast and precise. Every clients of us are  allocated to an academic advisor and he´ll be reachable to his clients always.

Advanced Technology

We always choose the best and secure solution available in market for communication, storage, CRM and processing of your documents


Clear Communication

We make sure that each and every stage of the process are communicated to our clients on timely basis both in written and verbal forms.

Innovative Ideas

We keep professionalism in every stage. All our staff are well educated and bring always the best solution to your concerns.

Transparent and Secure

contract will be issued to every customer.

Be Careful!

All our academic advisors´details are published on the website and we´ll update it regularly too. Anybody not mentioned, he is not an academic advisor at EmsigPro


Are you an Institute or Company who run a business of mutual interest? Do you wish to co-operate with us? Contact us today at business@emsigpro.de. We´ll reach back to you early as possible.


Would you like to work  with us? There always will be a place for talented minds. Send your Resume to career@emsigpro.de. We´ll reach back to you early as possible.

10 good reasons to use EmsigPro as your consultant


Most Trusted


ISO Certified

Global Company

having presence in India & Germany


CRM – State of the art technology to serve clients

Experienced Team

2000+ Counseled


Affordable/Flexible Service Plans


Realtime updates- on application processing


100% Visa Success

Clear Agreement

All terms and conditions in written contract

One stop solution for Germany

Higher studies,Visas, Jobs at one place

EMSIGPRO GmbH is officially registered in Germany (HRB 6644 Bayreuth). We are a member of Industrie und Handelskammer Oberfranken (IHK). EmsigPro Edu Pvt Ltd is officially registered in India acc. to Indian Companies act. All our registration as well as accreditation details you can find here We respect your privacy. Check our privacy policy acc. to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines here

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